About the First 1,000 Days

The first 1,000 days refers to the period from conception until the end of a child’s second year. There is a wealth of evidence that shows interventions and support for families and their children during this critical time can have long term positive impacts on a child’s health and wellbeing outcomes. Early positive life experiences, a loving and safe environment, and responsive parenting can all have a positive and protective effect on a child’s development. Little Tasmanian is a key component of the Tasmanian Government’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy: It Takes a Tasmanian Village, which has a key focus on the first 1,000 days and represents the connection and coordination of passionate people in Government, in communities, and in every home in Tasmania.

First 1,000 Days


Resources - Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Tasmania

Explore your support network and your options, no matter where you live in Tasmania.
1000 Days - Bringing home

Bringing baby home

Transportation? How about pets? There are so many ways to prepare to welcome your new arrival safely.
1000 Days - Newborn 2

Tips for early parenting of newborns

While it's new for you, you can profit from generations of Tasmanians who have come before you.
1000 Days - Rural

Maternity services in rural Tasmania

Plan ahead and make choices to ensure your pregnancy is as safe and as comfortable as it can be.
1000 Days - Breastfeeding


There are so many benefits to breastfeeding, for you and your baby, and the community is here to support you.
1000 Days - Bottle feeding

Bottle feeding

Accurate and factual information on how to safely give your baby a bottle.
1000 Days - Support

After your baby is born

You have just been through a massive life event. Here are ways to feel understood and supported.
1000 Days - Immunisations


One of the best ways to keep you child healthy is to ensure he or she is up to date on crucial immunisations.
1000 Days - Bonding

Attachment and bonding

Babies and children need love and affection to feel safe and thrive.
1000 Days - Infant safety

Newborn and infant health and safety

Learn how to prevent injuries and to ensure you child is sleeping safely.
1000 Days - Active

Being active

As your child gets older, he or she will crave physical activity. It is healthy and fun for your child and for you.
1000 Days - Solids

Introducing solid foods

By the time your baby is about six months old, he or she will be ready for solid foods. Here are some tips on when to start and how to progress.
1000 Days - Read Play

Talk, read and play

Little Tasmanian will be just one of your baby's reading adventures. Reading, talking, and playing will be a joy for you and crucial for your child.
1000 Days - Oral health

Oral health

Good dental health will help your child eat, learn to speak, and prepare for their adult teeth.
1000 Days - Development

Your child's development

Learning begins even before your child is born. They learn more during their first five years than at any other time in life. Find out about your child’s development, so you know what to expect, how to support your baby’s learning, and when to seek help.
1000 Days - Sleeping

Sleep and settling

Sleep doesn’t always come easily – especially for babies and young children. But if you know what to expect of young children’s sleep behaviours, everyone can sleep a little better.